Is leafedin safe

For those people who are still not aware of Leafdout, Leafdout is an app founded by Oho Herer. Its main goal is to connect buyers, sellers, workers, and employers in the cannabis near me without the middlemen for free and anonymously.

The company brags of having thousands of users in just the first year after its launch. People use it to find marijuana products and services near their place. Also, people use it to connect to other cannabis enthusiasts. However, because Leafdout is a networking platform, some people are still skeptical about it. They are worried that just like on Craigslist, there are people who will scam or dupe them.

Buying Weed Online: Is It Safe To Buy Weed Online?

What is safe about using Leafdout is that it provides anonymity. Other than this feature, your only means to be safe on websites like this is to be cautious at all times. Leafdout is also a networking platform. Just like any other networking sites, there is no percent assurance that the person that you are transacting with is legitimate and reliable.

What Leafdout can only do is remind the users of the safety precautions that they can do to avoid scammers and malicious people. Leafdout reminds their users that they are not responsible for any transactions that went wrong. Leafdout is just a medium for a networking solution. They are not involved in any transaction that goes between the users.

is leafedin safe

Total security is a problem of any networking sites. One example is Craigslist. According to the CEO of the Falcon Investigations, criminals and scammers make use of this site to do their malicious intentions.

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Even though these incidents are true,people still trust Leafdout. What you can do is to make sure that you do not provide your contact details on your profile page to keep yourself safe.

Make sure to get to know the other users before transacting with them. You can do it by reading the reviews about them or chatting with them. However, your safety is in your hands. You have to be smart at all times because what Leafdout can only provide you is anonymity. They also help in maintaining the security of their website by getting rid of spammers.

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Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address! Nike to Launch Crypto Called Cryptokicks? The action December 10, Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated, thanks from Florida. I strongly recommend that you do not purchase any cannabis online. Have a grow question? Yes you should buy cannabis online. And plus the best thing is that i can spend some of my Bitcoins and have my weed delievered to my door. There are upper class dealers, Middle class dealers, and lower class dealers.

That said you have just as much of a chance if not higher of getting ripped off buying cannabis online. I strongly disagree with Dan on this one and think he should catch up to the rest of the world …. When looking for a spot just do homework, research the company. Herbal dispatch and treemo are both great companies to try.

You just wrote this article to CYA from all the people posting their sales ads on your site…. It promotes interstate drug trafficking…. The marijuana strains we sell are carefully selected by leading breeders. We carefully pack and send all marijuana weeds and seeds orders discrete and stealthy. Join millions of other happy customers and buy your marijuana weeds and seeds at Realmarijuanaheadshop.

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September 21, at pm. Fred Lockson says:.A zoomed in look of accounts in the Washington, D. Image Courtesy of LeafedIn.

For the first time, in an exclusive interview with The Marijuana Times, the founder of LeafedIn speaks about his vision for the future of cannabis networking. Oho: At its foundation it is just a networking solution, executed in a manner different than anything in the marijuana industry. We focus on individuals connecting to individuals, people to people directly, and we are the first to encourage such a model in the industry.

Oho: I see us causing a stir, but we are just a networking service like Tinder and Craigslist. The precedent is already there for companies that do not facilitate any transactions.

I believe we are, percent, a networking tool, not a dispensary trying to sell product. The government should like that there are private companies like mine making it easier for small businesses. The tool is needed because of the inefficiencies in the markets. Cannabis businesses will need accounting and project managers like any other business.

We have vendors, suppliers, skilled labor, and buyers on our app and I plan on growing my app to evolve into the niches that develop as legalization goes forward in more and more states. The Marijuana Times: If cannabis laws are a state-by-state issue, how did you decide on the fundamentals of your app?

When I was going through the mission and fundamentals of the app, the District was a huge focus. When it comes to my businesses, I say, that even if I fail and become dirt poor, I rather take the chance and give it my all and make something of myself, by myself. The Marijuana Times: Are you nervous about working in an industry that is not federally legal? Oho: I believe percent that even at a federal level, our service is completely legal because fundamentally, we are a technology product.

That said, you never know what could happen. Oho: Just like any other online networking solution where you have anonymity — for instance craigslist, there is only so much we as a company can do because in the end, we do not control how they use and physically connect through our network.

Therefore, just as with any tool, we advise our users to always use caution, meet in public places, and use common sense. On our end, we try to do whatever we can to promote a safe environment. For instance, we focused heavily on making a user review system for users to have tools to leave feedback, and make more informed choices on their networking choices.

Oho: We are creating community based solutions. I also built this platform for the family-run business who needs trimmersaccountants, and even electrical contractors. The Marijuana Times: What skills are in your wheelhouse? Were you in technology before this venture?Hearing about Leafdout the first time might make you ask how reliable Leafdout is.

It is completely understandable because cannabis is controversial and people have a different take on what it is all about. Also, it is important that you should be skeptical at first because of the possibility of finding shady websites that might do you more harm than good.

The first thing that you should know is how Leafdout became how it is right now. Knowing how it was formed will give you an idea that LeafedIn is a legitimate website indeed. You will also know how it is different from other networking sites and apps like Leafly, Weedmaps, and Craigslist. Leafdout was founded by a man from Southern California. He goes by the pseudonym, Oho Herer. He was a product manager. He saved enough money to launch this app. What he had in mind when he created the app was to create a networking platform that caters to the small players in the cannabis industry, although the big guys may use the app too.

He said that he found market inefficiencies, and he wanted the app to solve it. However, the laws governing marijuana consumption is unclear, and some are still in the process of legislation.

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For this reason, establishing a business that is related to cannabis near me is quite tricky for every entrepreneur who wants to venture in it.

Even though the launch of the app may be open to a lot of questions, Herer was sure that his app is percent legitimate. He said that his app is a mere networking solution. They are out of the transactions that are going on inside the app. They do not even charge any fees. He said that his app is like Tinder and Craigslist.

Moreover, marijuana is legal in several states. Also, some states are looking forward to legalizing it.Leafedin is the first ever networking platform for the cannabis community. Think of Facebook that is specifically crafted for every member of the marijuana community; that is what LeafedIn is all about. It serves as a central platform where every cannabis user can meet and find marijuana vendors and distributors.

With the current lack of quality digital tools and media, it can be hard for users to gain access to direct networking opportunities to most effectively meet their product employment or service needs in cannabis. However, not having a central system that caters to every member of the marijuana industry still leaves others without options, such as owners seeking to employ skilled workers in the marijuana industry.

Most job sites are not particularly keen on listing job descriptions such as marijuana trimmers and extractors. But there is a recent stir in the cannabis industry, providing a positive output for all members of the community.

Most of the existing tools and programs used in the marijuana industry are mainly focused on connecting business to other businesses such as connecting buyers to vendors and usually, huge businesses.

What makes LeafedIn different from the other existing services and map-based applications that allow marijuana users and buyers to find the perfect product available at a dispensary? LeafedIn is not only about giving buyers an easy way to find the perfect strain available for them. This marijuana networking platform can do so much more by expanding the cannabis network of every member of the community from individuals to consumers, vendors, and distributors, no matter what the size.

The app is designed for every individual whether you are a medical patient or a recreational user looking for quality and reliable marijuana products, a vendor looking to find more customers, an employer looking to fill up your labor needs, or someone looking for an employment opportunity in the marijuana industry. To put simply, LeafedIn is a peer-to-peer network and the first in the world at that. Its main purpose is to connect local app users in the area or worldwide whether they are buyers, vendors, employers, or workers.

While most of the existing marijuana apps only help connect consumers and buyers to businesses, LeafedIn is created with the mission to build a community for all in the marijuana industry, no matter how big or small. The networking app is completely legal.

To simply put it, LeafedIn is like a social media platform specifically built for the entire marijuana community. The app allows you to search for other users, and you can filter out which are buyers, vendors, employers, and workers. While there are also other marijuana-focused job sites, LeafedIn tries to cover it all. It is like a combination of a job site and a map-based marijuana finder, as well as integrating biggest news stories in cannabis.

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LeafedIn can be accessed by downloading the app or its desktop version by visiting the Leafedin. Signing up to the app or the site is easy and quick. It also allows you to be as anonymous if you want, creating a fake username. But most of all, downloading, accessing, and using the app or the site is free of any charge. LeafedIn is more than just a simple map where you can look for marijuana vendors or find cannabis in your area. It is also not just a place where you can look for cannabis professional jobs.

LeafedIn is a networking platform for the cannabis community which helps forge connection from one member to another. CBD Edibles and Gummies. October 21, 0. December 5, 0. The Weed and Kratom Revoulion. March 31, 0.

January 15, 0. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.Even in places where the plant is yet to be legalised, the network has managed to coalesce and maintain a sizeable presence; albeit, with a lot less moderation and regulation than in places like the States naturally.

We at F. B advocate the wide-scale proliferation of such organised online efforts. However, for the time being, there are a few things you should look out for if you plan to use the service. Here are a few ways to identify them from the outset. My first experience with this kind of scam was in Sydney last year.

is leafedin safe

I was shocked when asked to pick up some gift cards from the store. It was 8p. Seeing as the whole cannabis market in Australia is unregulated due to its legality, there are a great many associated risks that one must account for when using this site. Be cautious. The only way to really be sure is to exchange cash in person. Other users can indicate which vendors are actually worth your time. Additionally, if you wish to help out others in their quests, be sure to give trustworthy vendors a five-star rating.

Another way of finding shifty dealers is checking their name in the blacklist. Those who have dealt with scammers before can dob them in on the site. Ridiculous, hey. Im an ex Victorian police officer, hense ex, I love growing, since i was Be smater than the average bear, dont leave any evidence.

Wish I had read this sooner. Combing through leafedin — however ill advised an action that may be — will turn up plenty of results for […].

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I learn new information from your article, you are doing a great job. Keep it up. Great read and good advice for using apps like this, as with everything put that extra effort in with a bit of research and stay safe. My housemate just got ripped off by someone.

If there is also a way to flag users in the group, then do so as well for the sake of other customers.Marijuana for recreational and medicinal use has been legal for almost two decades.

The first one that got approved was the Initiative 59 of while Initiative 71 was just passed in Initiative 71 allows the recreational use of marijuana in D. However, although marijuana seems completely legal for consumption in D.

First of all, only adults aging 21 years and above are the ones who are allowed to utilize marijuana for recreational use.

is leafedin safe

Second, an individual is authorized to own up to 2g of marijuana and no more than that. A person is also restricted to cultivate up to 6 cannabis plants and three at maturity. Third, you are not allowed to smoke weed in public places and federal properties. The last and the saddest part is that the commercial selling of pot is still not allowed. Thankfully, there are merchants on the web where you can buy cannabis. One of the places where you can purchase a dope is on the deep web.

Silk Road is the most popular among these merchants. However, most dealers on the deep web are also offering other illegal stuff, so buy at your risk. Craiglist is also popular. However, the target market of Craiglist is huge.

Furthermore, Craiglist has a reputation where most scammers post their advertisements to find possible victims. Thus, you should find the safest and the most reliable place to find your marijuana dealer. One of the most trusted websites to find a dope is LeafedIn. This site has been popular for marijuana lovers, especially for those who live in D. LeafedIn is a P2P person to person network for marijuana users, sellers, workers, business owners, and the like.

They also allow the member of their community to connect to one another in real-time using a map. LeafedIn can determine your location automatically.

Leafedin is the first ever networking platform for the cannabis community

The location will be used to find the merchants, workers, employers, or users that are nearest to you. There are many marijuana dealers located in Washington D. So, finding the right dealers that are close to your current location is just a piece of cake.

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The map can give you a clue where the closest vendors are. All you have to do is key-in your location. However, if you want to communicate with them, you have to set up an account. When you sign-up, you will be asked for the usual form requirements like the password, email address, and username. You will also be asked in which category you belong.

These categories vary from either a worker, buyer, employer, or vendor. After that, you will be asked for further questions about your chosen group.

Is leafedin safe